K & H Audiology has been providing hearing health care services in North York and surrounding communities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for almost thirty years.

Karen Kahansky, an audiologist with more than 30 years of hearing health care experience, founded K & H Audiology in 1986 when she recognized the need for a full-service audiology clinic in the North York community.

Today, K&H Audiology operates two clinics; at the Champagne Centre in North York and at the Toronto Hearing and Balance Clinic on Eglinton Avenue.

K&H Audiology has the specialized expertise to; conduct extensive hearing tests on both adults and children; diagnose hearing impairment and recommend the most appropriate treatment; provide the best suited hearing aid technology and tune the hearing aid solution for maximum results; and to treat people that suffer from tinnitus.

K & H Audiology’s Philosophy and Mission Statement

Our goal is to assist patients who have hearing impairment by offering the best hearing evaluations and hearing instruments, combined with old fashioned service, in order to improve their quality of life through better hearing.

Our first priority is in developing a trusting and compassionate relationship with our patients because we understand that hearing loss and tinnitus can be stressful and traumatic.

Our ultimate aim is to professionally diagnose and treat your hearing issues and tinnitus to improve your ability to hear and communicate to the greatest extent possible.

K&H Audiology’s Hearing Healthcare Services

K&H Audiology diagnosis’ and treats all types of hearing loss or impairment, regardless of the age of the patient.

Hearing Tests

K&H Audiology performs hearing tests on adults and children to diagnose the type and severity of hearing loss, impairment or condition.

Hearing Aids

K&H Audiology recommends the right hearing aid technology based on the hearing condition and lifestyle and preferences of the patient, and provides customized hearing aids solutions that are fitted and tuned for maximum comfort and performance.

Tinnitus Treatment

K&H Audiology has specialized expertise in the treatment of tinnitus.

Book a Consultation with K & H Audiology if you require diagnosis or treatment of hearing loss or tinnitus.