Brain Hearing

I just recently attended my audiology association conference in Niagara Falls, Ontario. We had beautiful weather so you know that the presentations had to be extremely interesting in order to keep us indoor and attending classes.

Your Brain and Hearing

There were many presentations this year about the brain and hearing. You may be wondering why and the answer is quite simple – we hear with our brain, not our ears. The ears are nothing more than a very sophisticated amplification system. However, it is not until the sounds that the ears pick up are sent to the brain, that they are translated into meaning. Furthermore, the more taxing the task is, the more you rely on good hearing. For example, learning is a more difficult task than having a conversation.

Broadband Vs Narrow Band Hearing Aids

There was a study done with broad band hearing aids (higher technology) versus narrow band hearing aids (less technology). In kids, it was apparent in all situations that the broad band hearing aids gave them better results. With adults, however, the study showed that the narrow band hearing aids and the broad band hearing aids worked the same in fairly easy listening situations (conversations in quiet). However, when adults had to learn new words (a more difficult listening situation) suddenly, there was a major difference in performance between the broad band hearing aids and the narrow band hearing aids.

Which Hearing Aid is Right for You?

I guess I really liked this particular lecture because it reinforced with research what I have been telling my patients for many years. The amount of technology that is required depends on your lifestyle. If you spend most of your time at home watching TV then standard levels of technology will be fine. If you spend more time conversing with other people and going to restaurants or shopping malls, an advanced level technology hearing aid would be better for you. If you are very active going from work to the theatre to restaurants, meetings, movies, concerts etc.. then you should consider premium level technology hearing aids.

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Karen Kahansky

About Karen Kahansky

Karen Kahansky founded K & H Audiology in North York, Ontario in 1986. She began her hearing health career in a private practice treating people with hearing conditions. Karen then worked in the hearing aid industry where she gained an intimate knowledge of hearing aid technology. It was during this time that Karen learned how analog hearing aids work and honed her skills in fine-tune digital hearing aids. As a result, Karen is one of the few audiologists in Canada who is able to customize hearing aids to meet a patient’s specific condition and preferences.