Welcome to K&H Audiology’s New Website!

K&H Audiology is excited to launch our new website! If you have visited our audiologist website in the past, you will notice we have made many changes.

We’ve redesigned our site to enhance our customers’ experience and make it easier for you to find what you are looking for. For example, visitors will now be able to see important hearing topics immediately on the homepage. That way, you’ll know where to go to find the information you need.

Here are the topics we showcase on the homepage:

We have also updated our main navigation bar so you will be able to get to the service you are looking for in one click, whether it’s hearing loss, hearing aids, hearing tests, or tinnitus treatments in North York.

As well as improving the ease of finding information, we’ve added a lot more detailed information and resources for people experiencing hearing difficulties.

Some great resources we have made available on our new site include:

Our goal is to give you the foundational information you need to understand more about your (or your child’s) hearing impairment and help you determine the best next step.

As well as exploring our new site, please feel free to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or LinkedIn. We are happy to answer your questions and to have you join in on our discussions.

We hope you find the updated K&H Audiology site informative and helpful!

>> K&H Audiology specializes in diagnosing hearing impairment and providing the appropriate treatment for both adults and children. Please have a look around our site, and contact us with any questions about hearing impairment or how we can help.

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Karen Kahansky

About Karen Kahansky

Karen Kahansky founded K & H Audiology in North York, Ontario in 1986. She began her hearing health career in a private practice treating people with hearing conditions. Karen then worked in the hearing aid industry where she gained an intimate knowledge of hearing aid technology. It was during this time that Karen learned how analog hearing aids work and honed her skills in fine-tune digital hearing aids. As a result, Karen is one of the few audiologists in Canada who is able to customize hearing aids to meet a patient’s specific condition and preferences.