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We look forward to meeting you and treating your hearing issues! We’ll start by giving you a hearing test. Then, we’ll work together to figure out how to best address any hearing loss you may have.

On your first visit to the clinic, you must bring:

  • OHIP card
  • Cards or numbers related to any other Ontario agency, such as DVA or WSIB, that covers you
  • Your ID number as well as the name and telephone number of your worker, if you have ODSP coverage

If you had a hearing test before, you should also bring in the results. It helps us determine if your hearing has changed or remained stable.

It also helps to bring a friend of family member, if possible. You’re going to get a lot of new information from us, so an extra set of ears is welcome. And if you’re thinking about buying hearing aids, bring in a list of everyday situations that give you a tough time hearing. This helps us figure out which style of hearing aid can best meet your needs.

If a hearing aid is needed, you have the option for free trails to figure out the best hearing aid for your needs.