Hearing loss can be effectively treated with hearing aids. Hearing aid technology has advanced dramatically over the years. There are many types of hearing aids; the key is to select the right hearing aid technology that is best suited to the hearing impairment and the patient’s lifestyle and personal preferences.

Treating Hearing Loss with Hearing Aids

Hearing aids cannot restore your hearing or “cure” hearing loss. However, hearing aids will improve your hearing and listening abilities by amplifying sounds. In some cases, they can programmed to reduce background noises or noises coming from certain directions.

The right hearing aid technology will make voices more clear and improve your ability to listen and interact with others. Your ability to enjoy your favourite activities – listening to music, watching movies or having a dinner conversation with friends – will be dramatically improved.

K&H Audiology’s hearing health care experts will make sure you get the right hearing aid to address your hearing loss condition and to suit your lifestyle and personal preferences.

Hearing aids can be fine-tuned to meet your specific condition and preferences. Karen Kahansky, K&H Audiology’s founder worked in the hearing aid industry and therefore has a specialized expertise in how to precisely adjust them for optimal performance.

Hearing Aid Styles

K&H Audiology offers a wide variety of hearing aid styles, each with different qualities to suit specific needs and preferences. Our hearing healthcare professionals will work with you to recommend a style that best addresses your hearing issues.

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Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aids are categorized into three tiers based on their technological features: Standard, Advanced, and Premium. We will recommend the technology tier that best suits your lifestyle and personal preferences.

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Accessories for Hearing Aids

K & H Audiology maintains an inventory of wireless and non-wireless hearing aid accessories so you get more out of your hearing aid technology. We also carry products to protect or maintain your hearing aid devices.

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