K & H Audiology offers and maintains a variety of hearing aid accessories. These accessories provide a number of capabilities to both enhance your hearing in certain situations and to make using hearing aid technology more convenient.

We also carry accessories such as batteries, ear plugs and moisture removing systems.

Our hearing health care professionals will assist you in determining the accessory devices best suited to your situation or to confirm compatibility with your hearing aids.

Wireless Accessories

  • Bluetooth to Cellphone Connectivity: A cellphone that’s compatible with your hearing aids will eliminate buzzing, humming, or whining noises during phone conversations.
  • Bluetooth to Landline Connectivity: Many landline phones are compatible with select hearing aid technology.
  • Remote Microphone: A microphone that a companion or a speaker can wear in a noisy environment for direct mouth to ear communication that eliminates external interference. This approach is ideal in situations such as lectures.
  • Television Connectivity: By connecting an adapter to your TV, sound is delivered directly to your hearing aid. The volume in your hearing aid can be increases without affecting the volume for other people in the room.

Non-Wireless Accessories

  • Amplified Corded or Cordless Telephones: These devices amplify phone calls – improving phone sound quality so you can comfortably have a conversation.
  • Infrared TV Headphones: Whereas many TV headphones give off static, infrared models produce clean audio.
  • Frequency Modulation (FM) Systems: These systems are like personal radios that operate on special frequencies. The person speaking, such as a teacher or presenter, uses a transmitter microphone. The receiver transmits the sound to your hearing aids. These devices are especially useful in situations such as busy restaurants or interacting in a business meeting.

Other Accesory Devices

  • Hearing aid batteries
  • Custom swim plugs
  • Custom noise protection
  • Musician’s ear plugs
  • Pilot’s ear molds
  • Battery testers
  • Moisture removing systems
  • Other accessories are available – please contact us if you have a specific need or request

Contact K&H Audiology to inquire about hearing aid accessories.