K & H Audiology has helped countless patients find ideal hearing aids to suit their lifestyles. Identifying the right model generally comes down to choosing a comfortable style that comes in the appropriate technological tier.

Hearing aids are put into three categories based on technology:

  • Standard: This level of hearing aid technology is best for those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, only occasionally leaving the home to spend time doing social or physical activities.
  • Advanced: These hearing aids suit those who are socially active, regularly traveling to theatres, restaurants, and gatherings.
  • Premium: The highest level of hearing aid technology works well for those who are both socially and physically active, frequently taking part in activities outside of their homes.

Technological Features

Here is a look at some hearing aid features, with explanations of how they vary between standard, advanced, and premium hearing aids:

  • Directional Microphones: When you’re in an area with a lot of background noise, these microphones help you hear your conversations.In Standard hearing aids, directional microphones only decrease noise that comes from behind you. In Advanced and Premium hearing aids, they can decrease background noise that comes from any direction.
  • Feedback Cancellation: This feature stops the hearing aid from whistling, which is caused by audio feedback.The higher levels of technology do a better job of preventing it.
  • Multi-Memory Settings: With this technology, your hearing aids will automatically adapt to each environment you’re in.By adapting to your specific surroundings, they can do a better job of amplifying the sounds you’re meant to hear. Higher-end hearing aids have more advanced multi-memory settings, meaning they do a better job of adapting.
  • Wireless Technology: Two hearing aids operate as one system through wireless connectivity. For example, adjusting one hearing aid will have the same effect on the other.Wireless hearing aids are sometimes able to link with complementary accessories, too. Only some Standard hearing aids will have this ability, whereas many Advanced and Premium hearing aids can connect to external devices.

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