K & H Audiology performs hearing tests on infants and children.

We assess hearing on babies that are older than six months at our THN Hearing and Balance Audiology Clinic.  At our North York location we perform hearing tests on children that are three years and older.

Our hearing health care professionals use Conditioned Play Audiometry (CPA) to assess child hearing. We ask young children to do a simple activity such as placing a ring on a peg when they hear a specific sound. Older children may have to press a button or raise a hand.

We lower the volume until a child no longer reacts. We also use different frequencies to build a complete set of data about both ears – this is how we measure hearing sensitivity.

If a child does in fact have hearing impairment, we use the test results to determine hearing loss type and severity.

When Should You Seek a Hearing Test for Your Child?

There are definitive signs that indicate your child should have a hearing test.

Newborn babies up to six months old should react to loud noises by moving, crying or giving another response. When sleeping, noise should wake them up. When awake, you should be able to sooth them just by using your voice. They should also babble and imitate sounds.

You can spot hearing deficiencies in infants up to two years old by monitoring speech. At this point, they sound be able to use or imitate simple words for familiar people and objects. They should also sound and talk like other children of similar age. There are also other indicators; listening to the TV too loudly or not responding to sounds.

If you suspect your child is suffering from hearing impairment, you should consider the following factors:

Family History

  • One or more family members with permanent or progressive hearing loss that was present or developed early in life

During Pregnancy

  • Mother had the flu, a viral infection, or German measles
  • Mother consumed alcohol

Newborn – Up to 28 Days Old

  • Weighed less than 3.5 pounds at birth
  • Was jaundiced at birth and had an exchange blood transfusion
  • Failed the newborn hearing screening test given in Ontario hospitals
  • Had meningitis
  • Has an unusual ear or facial appearance
  • Received an antibiotic medication given through a needle in a vein
  • Was in a neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for more than five days

Infant – 29 Days to 2 Years Old

  • Received an antibiotic medication in a vein given through a needle
  • Had meningitis
  • Has a neurological disorder
  • Has recurring ear infections with fluid in the ears for more than three months
  • Had a severe injury with a fracture of the skull with or without ear bleeding

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